Male Cosmetic Surgery On Demand posted by on August 12, 2013

As you can see from our earlier post this week on plastic surgery statistics,male plastic surgery is on the rise. The quantity of men getting plastic surgery procedures has risen over 121 % since 1997. While plastic surgery used to be the field of wealthy girls, more and more people of all socioeconomic situations and both sexes are shaping up their appearance through plastic surgery. One of the most important factors in the growth of male plastic surgery is the baby boomers. It's one of the biggest generations in the U. S. , and they are approaching retirement. But baby boomers still feel and are really active, and want their outer appearance to reflect that.

Some sources claim that the rise of social media may have some connection to the upward thrust of male plastic surgery. Things like Twitter and Skype make it much more likely that your image will be caught unawares, augmenting the pressure to look better.

The economy might also be a component in the upward thrust of male plastic surgery DC. As the employment marketplace becomes more competitive, looking better or fitter might give an applicant an edge. For example, jaw implants can give a man a more robust jaw, which projects a rather more masculine image. Liposuction can help combat that pesky flat tire older men can get as they age, helping them to look trimmer and healthier.The rate of men getting Botox injections is up 9 p.c since 2010, which means that men aren't just after a slimmer physique or a male appearance. They also wish to seem younger, just like females. Actually 1 in 10 face lift patients are men, a 14 p.c increase since 2010.

These numbers are from board certified physicians, and it’s well known that some patients visit less-than-qualified places to get cosmetic procedures. Therefore the numbers of men searching out cosmetic procedures are likely far higher than are being reported.

As more men go through cosmetic surgery or injections to appear younger and more well-rested, it’s more important than ever that they utilize a Board Certificated Cosmetic Surgeon. Going to a doctor who isn't board licensed can have very negative results in the form of side effects and undesired cultured outcomes. Always investigate the surgeon’s references thoroughly prior to agreeing to bear a process.

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Why Men Are Having Cosmetic Surgery posted by on March 22, 2012

At one point, cosmetic plastic surgery was commonly seen as something that only females did. This misunderstanding is probably still around but more men are establishing it to be wrong. For the last few years, male cosmetic plastic surgery has been constantly enlarging and there isn’t any sign of it slowing down.

Many famous male entertainers, film stars and artists started showing the way and making it socially acceptable for men to have cosmetic surgery. For the great majority of men having cosmetic surgery, it is strictly to boost their physical features, however some do it for medical reasons.

Men with widely spread ears, so called cauliflower ears, formerly had no method of changing that physical feature. Thanks to Otoplasty, commonly known as ear surgery, men can now have their ears tucked in, in a safe and simple way.

Liposuction for men is one of the most common cosmetic surgery treatments for men. Most guys formerly had to spend countless hours per week working out at a gym or going for exhausting runs to maintain their shape. Thanks to the inexpensive and safe option of liposuction for men, along with the procedure now being socially acceptable, many men opt to take the shortcut, making their body look trimmed and fit with one simple cosmetic operation.

Cosmetic surgery for men is also very fashionable amongst the elderly to reduce signs of ageing. Facial lifts along with eyelid surgery have gone up by 1 or 2 percent over the last couple of years making them two of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed on men.

Cosmetic plastic surgery can also be performed to get rid of moles in awkward or apparent places. This can be a massive confidence booster for men feeling nervous about their own look.

One popular surgical treatment for men is male breast reduction. The truth is that over 40% of men have enlarged breasts and it can be viewed as a very embarrassing physical feature. Cosmetic surgery can improve it out with a straightforward and uncomplicated operation.

Regardless of what your reason might be for looking for cosmetic plastic surgery, there are plenty of options available for men today. Seek guidance from a fully qualified cosmetic surgeon, they will make certain that you feel comfortable, relaxed and give you the help and advice that you need to make a good decision.

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