Male Enhancement Exercises In Details – Stretching

Men looking for help in increasing their penile length should consider stretching exercises.


These exercises are the backbone of the best penis enlargement programs as it increases penile blood circulation and stretches the penis skin to make it longer and larger. Stretching also provides more control over ejaculation and thus helps avoid premature orgasms.

Remember that stretching exercises work at pulling the penile tissues without much discomfort and should be started with gentle stretches in a single direction before you increase its intensity and work in multiple directions.

It is always better to apply some lubricant on your hands and rub it between your hands before stretching.

You can use any water based or silicon based lubricant. VigRX oil could be a good choice as well.

This gives you an easier and smoother time stretching your penis without any compromise on the firm grip required for movements.

Tools required

  • Lubricant

How to perform different stretches

The basic stretch

  1. This is the starting point for stretching exercises because of its simplicity. Its movements are easy to perform as they involve only one hand and mimic masturbation movements. Basic stretching stretches the penis without any discomfort.
  2. The penis should be flaccid before stretching and the room warm as cold temperatures only shrink the penis.
  3. While retracting the penile foreskin, use your right hand (or left if you are left handed) to grasp the penis behind its glans. Now slowly and firmly pull your penis forward for a comfortable stretch, without any pain. Hold this position for 5 seconds and then relax.
  4. Repeat this motion in various directions, left, downward and right and hold the stretch for 5 seconds. Only after relaxing on the pull should you proceed to the next direction.
  5. Stretching exercises can be repeated for 5 minutes at a stretch and no longer as overdoing can damage penile cells.

Twisted stretch

  1. This stretch is the basic stretch with a twist. It should be performed when the penis is flaccid after undressing or after your shower.
  2. Both hands are required to twist the penis.
  3. Start by grabbing your penis below its glans and slowly pulling forward till it is stretched to its limits without any discomfort.
  4. Releasing the pull after holding the stretch for 5 seconds comprises the first stretching set.
  5. The second set comprises performing the twisting action with repeated movements while changing its direction.
  6. You can do as many sets as possible; however stop if you feel some discomfort. Basically, it is better to limit yourself to just 5 sets.

Double stretch

  1. This stretch involves both your hands wherein you have to stretch the penile shaft in opposite directions. One hand has to pull the shaft away from the body and the other, towards your body.
  2. On retracting the foreskin, use your first hand to grasp your penis at an inch behind its glans.
  3. Then pull the penis forward using a slow and firm movement till you reach a comfortable stretch.
  4. Using your second hand and an OK grip (grip where your thumb and forefinger meets), pull your grip shaft about an inch above the base and then pull backwards. The stretch should be held for 5 seconds in two different directions after which you have to release your hands.
  5. Repeat the motions using alternating hands and perform at least 5 sets.


It is important you adopt safety methods like washing hands, using gentle but firm pressure and stopping when you feel discomfort.

Remember you want to enlarge your penis for sexual pleasure and not infect or injure the penis while exercising.

For better and faster male enhancement results, take take pe pills like VigRX plus while stretching and exercising.

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